Introducing Supreme 2.0

After 7 minor versions in almost 4 years, Supreme amassed a small but loyal userbase, thanks completely to word-of-mouth recommendations. For that, we owe you a big thanks – and a major new version of Supreme for 2021. Get it on the Mac App Store now!

Supreme 2.0 released on April 13, 2021

Supreme 2.0 comes with many new features you've requested and many more to keep up with the times. If you're new to Supreme, here's why we think Supreme is the best to do list:

  1. Extremely simple. Just type up a task on the day you want to do it on, and check it off when you're done.
  2. If you don't finish a task, it automatically moves to the next day.
  3. Set reminders in plain text (like 9am or 16:20 or 20.00), get notified on your Mac or iPhone.
  4. Every finished task stays right where it was, letting you easily look back at your achievements or look up when you did something.
  5. In the same spirit, it's super easy to plan things in the future, just set it and forget it.

Recurring tasks

Beyond dozens of visual and performance tweaks to make Supreme work better on the latest macOS Big Sur, here are a few more notable updates:

What's up with the iOS version?

We decided to release Supreme 2.0 for Mac as soon as it was ready, but rest assured – the iOS version is in the works, and the overhaul is even more extensive!

Supreme 1.0 for iOS

→ Get Supreme for iOS

When we upgrade Supreme for iOS, all existing subscriptions and lifetime upgrades will continue to be valid, of course. Supreme 2.0 is backwards compatible with the current iOS app, so existing users shouldn't experience any drawbacks, but you'll have to hang in a little longer for search and recurring tasks.

Continued insistence on privacy

We believe your data should be in your control. This is why Supreme only exists as a native app, storing data on your device. Sync across devices is handled via your iCloud account with Apple's CloudKit, and although it's not the most advanced solution, we're yet to find anything better in terms of data privacy and security. In any case, just so you know, we never get access to any of the data you put into your lists.

Give us feedback

Supreme is developed by two dudes in our spare time, but the better we do, the more resources we can devote to the continued improvement of the app. Share your thoughts with us at @supreme_app, and rate Supreme on the App Store if you love it! ✌️