A simple list for every need, every dayinstead of endless tasks in a bunch of categories


Didn't finish something today? Worry not! Your unfinished tasks get bumped to the next day, preventing important things from getting forgotten.


Schedule your day by typing the time in front of a task. Each day's list starts with your timed tasks put in nice and neat order, nudging you to follow the flow.


You know how most apps hide what you've finished? Supreme displays them proudly. Just scroll back in time to see what you've done on each day!

...but what about projects?

So there are bigger things in life than what can be done in a day. I know what you mean.

Just make a list for anything. Check things off as you go along, or rip through the tasks by moving them into your daily lists.

Supreme isn't meant for complex planning needs, but it doesn't fall too short.

No accounts, ever

We will not require you to register an account just to keep a todo list.

Supreme uses iCloud to sync across your Mac computers, so your personal data never gets passed to us.

It's just a todo app, after all…

Much more to come

Supreme is in very early development, but more features and platforms are being built as we speak!